Firewood Guide

Throughout our 30 years in business, we have been approached with many questions people have concerning firewood. In order to help alleviate some confusion, we have put together this firewood guide that addresses most of the common questions we have received.

Has your wood been seasoned?

Yes, our wood is seasoned for about a year before we sell it. The typical time that is needed for wood to be considered seasoned is 9 months.

What is the difference between seasoned wood and non-seasoned wood?

Seasoned wood is easier to get burning because the wood has had time to dry as opposed to non-seasoned wood that is still partially wet or green.

What type of wood are you selling?

The wood we sell is a hardwood mix that is roughly 90% oak with the remaining 10% being miscellaneous hard woods such as cherry, hickory, and maple.

What is the difference between hard woods and soft woods?

Hard woods are woods such as oak, hickory, and maple while soft woods are woods such as willow, poplar, and silver maple. Typically, hard woods will burn for a longer period of time than the soft woods will. If a wood pile has mostly soft woods, you will burn through your firewood much quicker than if the pile was primarily hard woods.

How long are the pieces of wood?

Some suppliers will give smaller pieces of wood in order to be able to give less wood per face cord but the average wood length should usually fall between 14 and 18 inches long with the perfect size being 16 inches.

How big is a face cord and full cord?

A face cord is recognized as being 4' tall by 8' long and typically 16” thick. A full cord is three face cords. Often, many companies will cross stack their wood leaving air pockets in the stacks. This results in as much as 1/3 less wood than if it is a proper stack.

How many pieces of wood are in a face cord?

Typically, a face cord of wood comes out to be between 200 and 230 pieces. This number can fluctuate a bit depending on the cut of each piece of wood.

Does B&E Firewood offer stacking of the wood?

Yes, we do offer stacking upon delivery for an additional $35 per face cord.