B&E Firewood

For the past 30 years, B&E Firewood has been supplying Chicago’s northwest suburbs with quality firewood. We have made it our mission to supply our customers with the best woods, proper quantities, and timely deliveries. From the day we acquire our logs to the time it is delivered to your home, our wood undergoes the proper measuring, splitting, and stacking techniques to ensure that you are getting the correct size pieces and honest face cords. We understand that buying wood is not worth the headache of being shorted pieces, having low quality wood, or dealing with unreliable deliveries. B&E Firewood is focused on making sure our customers have an easy and reliable company to count on for their firewood needs.

"I did want to tell you that I am very happy with your wood. I have been in my house and burning fires for 18 years. I burn a cord or a little more each year with indoor and outdoor fires. I have tried many places, kiln dried, all oak, cherry, birch, etc. By far your wood is the best. The quality of the wood is excellent and it truly is dry and ready to burn...at a great price."

- Tom

"This is my second year buying from B&E. Last year, your wood burned slow and clean with nice sizes between 16 and 18 inches. I am a wood stove burner and use it as my primary heat. This year we ordered a full cord again. Your prices are very reasonable, your service is fast friendly and easy, and in addition to your quality firewood, the amount provided for a full cord was absolutely accurate. I may need more wood this year and I will not consider using any other firewood provider."

- Brian

"I want you to know that the level of customer service provided by B&E Firewood is nearly impossible to find in any other company, large or small, that I have ever dealt with. Thank you very much."

- Jim